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Please ask about our latest blanket the TPS Enterprise 2110, in 3 ply and 4 ply.

Technical Specifications

Description: Compressible blankets designed for high performance on web or sheetfed presses. Feature fine buffed, quick-release.

Face: Dark blue

Surface: Fine buffed

Gauge: 3 Ply — .067" ± .001"
             4 Ply — .077" ± .001"

Face Compound: Solvent-resistant rubber blend

Fabric Backing: Water and solvent proof

Micro Hardness: 70° (typical)

In additon -

  • Closed-cell compressible layer reduces edge cutting when changing paper widths.
  • Two-layer surface combines tough mechanical strength and high standards in print quality.
  • Low-compression-set rubber formulas allow extra fast rebound at high speeds.
  • Improve resistance to smashes.
  • High-density fabrics assure you greater on-press stability.
  • Innovative carcass technology fights smashes and  resists gauge loss.
  • Minimal Thickness Variations Result in consistent gauge, blanket after blanket.
  • Improved reboundability during compression improves smash resistance, service life.